Luci Swindoll

Luci Swindoll

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Author, Speaker. Lover of Art, Opera & Classical Music. Proud sister of two incredible ministers of the gospel: Orville and Chuck Swindoll.

No one enjoys themselves more than Luci Swindoll. She’s full of anticipation, fun, and a sense of adventure that just won’t quit. Her exuberant love for life has seen her through a career as a corporate executive at Mobil Oil, performances with the Dallas Opera, and a stint as Vice President of Public Relations at her brother Chuck’s ministry, Insight for Living. One of Women of Faith’s original speakers, Luci has been inspiring women across North America for 12 years now. Author, speaker, photographer, musician, and artist, Luci lives in Texas in a home that is part art gallery, part library, part studio, and all Luci.

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Luci Swindoll
  • 2015 Loved Tour - Luci Swindoll Interview with Mary Graham.

    Episode 1

    What starts out as an interview with Mary Graham quickly turns into a wild ride of a conversation as the incorrigible Luci shares stories about her family and her adventurous life. Along the way Luci offers advice on listening for God's voice, living with intention, the single life, and so much ...

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    In this opening session from Loved: The Farewell Tour the Porch Pals introduce themselves as only they can. In other words, they tell stories about themselves and each others and with 20+ years of shared history they have a lot of stories to tell! Honest, hilarious, and heartwarming . . . this i...

  • Luci Swindoll Throwback Video

    Episode 3

    Luci Swindoll Throwback Video

  • 2015 Loved Tour - Farewell Conversation

    Episode 4

    A final wrap up conversation with all the Porch Pals and Mary Graham. Includes a true confession from Marilyn and Luci, giggles all around, and heartfelt memories from everyone on the stage about their Women of Faith experience and what it has meant to them and their families. 2015 Loved Tour, Lu...

  • A LOVED Note from Luci Swindoll

    Episode 5

    A LOVED Note from Luci Swindoll